The Reason Stations are Adding Newscasts

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It seems that not a week goes by without FTVLive reporting that some station, in some market is adding more news to their schedule.

But, do you know why all these stations are adding more news?

I'm sure you'll be shocked to know that it is all about money.

I know, you were thinking it was about community service and keeping viewers informed....right?

Nope, it's just a cash grab.

You see, from now until the elections in 2016, more political advertising money will be spent on TV than ever before. It's a big pie and TV stations are trying like hell to get the biggest piece.

When politicians and political parties buy ad time on a TV station, the first place they look is news. They figure that the people that are watching a newscast are more likely to vote that say someone watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians."

In battleground markets newscasts will be able to fill their entire ad inventory with political spots. They will sell every spot available and still campaigns will be looking for more time in newscasts that they can buy.

So, TV stations are adding newscasts wherever they can, because they know they will be able to fill the available commercial time with political.

From now to the 2016 elections, many stations will bring in record profit, because of political advertising. 

Of course, since you guys are the ones doing all the work as new newscasts are being added, I'm sure your station will share all that money with each and every one of you, by giving you all huge raises.

Maybe not.....