Cox Moving Another Anchor to Jacksonville

When WTEV/WAWS decided to blow out all their anchors, so far the station is bringing in replacement anchors from other Cox properties. 

FTVLive told you back on the 16th of this month that Action News Jax has hired John Bachman from sister station WSB in Atlanta.

Now word comes that the Jacksonville station has readied another Cox station for a female anchor hire. Tenneco Smith will be leaving Charlotte's WSOC to join WAWS/WTEV.

Let's go to the made up quotes by the Creative Services Department:

“Tenikka is an exceptional storyteller,” said Bob Longo, news director of WAWS/WTEV. “She’s both smart and talented and has a knack for finding the exact right emotional tone to communicate those stories to viewers so they get the most from them. Whether it’s on the set anchoring or in the field reporting, Tenikka always works to deliver the newest details and information that matters to them.

"I am very excited to join the CBS47 and FOX30 Action News family as we continue our mission to provide viewers quality coverage and original content,” Tenikka said. “My husband and I look forward to being a part of the community and calling Jacksonville home."

Really? She has never worked at the station, yet she wants to help "continue our mission"?

Who makes up this crap?