Big Apple Reporter Strips for Ratings and Fails

WNBC's Ben Aaron went out on New York's 5th Ave damn near naked in a stunt that has Edward R. Murrow flipping over one more time.  

The NY Daily News says that in a desperate attempt to drum up ratings for his moribund program, “New York Live,”  Aaron took to the streets wearing next to nothing for a Wednesday lunchtime segment.

The bad news for Aaron is that except perhaps for his new wife, “Good Morning America” meteorologist Ginger Zee, no one seemed to care.

“Ben was filmed walking about Fifth Ave. in nothing but his wife’s panties, which were then blurred out when the segment aired,” says our very-well-placed insider. A second source close to the show confirms Aaron bared more than his soul, but claims his dainty crotch cover was actually a pair of men’s jogging shorts.

The only thing skimpier than Aaron’s bloomers were his show’s ratings the day of the mid-month stunt, which were so low they didn’t even register on the Nielsen results.

The program actually jumped to a 0.2 rating after Aaron’s skit ended.