Back to Big City Toledo

Longtime Toledo news anchor Laura Emerson is returning to local airwaves.

The Toledo Blade reports that beginning Aug. 10, Emerson joins WNWO evening anchor.

Her hire marks the latest in a string of significant on and off-air personnel changes for the station.

Emerson was an anchor across the street at WUPW for 16 years, before she left in January, 2012, to co-anchor the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. newscasts at NBC affiliate WPSD in Paducah, Ky.

“She brings a familiar face to our viewers,” said Nicole Hahn, who was recently promoted to WNWO’s news director position. “She has a vast knowledge of the area, and she will bring leadership and experience to our team."

Emerson said she his happy to be back in a "big city" and doesn't mind working at the last place station in the market. 

“When you’re in that position, all of your victories will be appreciated,” she said. “You’re not looking behind your back saying, ‘Oh, someone’s coming after us,’ you’re the one coming after them.”

“I miss the larger area, I miss the amenities that come with a larger city: more ethnic diversity, all sorts of entertainment opportunities,” Emerson said. “I guess I had to leave Toledo in order to really appreciate how cool it is.”

Toledo is a big city? Who knew?