Political Dollars Flow into Philly

Philly stations are raking in the political bucks hand over fist and there is no sign of it letting up.

Political advertisers and candidates dropped more than $4.6 million at KYW alone between April 2013 and June 2014.

An analysis by the Sunlight Foundation looked at 14 months worth of contracts at CBS affiliate KYW. The findings provide a glimpse at the relentlessness with which voters in key markets are bombarded with political messages — and intriguing details about how office seekers, political parties and other interest groups target them.

The KYW contracts show that Democratic candidates outspent Republicans by more than 350 percent, perhaps not surprising in a county where Democrats have a nearly 8-to-1 advantage in voter registration.

If you work at a Philly station, go into the boss and demand a raise. They certainly can afford it. 

H/T Philly.com