Hey WSMV! Are you Trying to Kill the Guy?

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WSMV chucked journalism ethics out the window months ago, when they started send out their news people as part of the station's "Surprise Squad."

The WSMV news team goes out to local grocery stores and "surprises" people (we're guessing that's where they got the name) by paying for their groceries.

It's all part of an effort to get people to watch the station.

Why the hell they are using news people as part of the "Surprise Squad" we have no idea. But, they aren't the only station doing it.   

In WSMV's latest edition of the "Surprise Squad" they sent out Morning News Anchor Holly Thompson to buy people's groceries for them.

Mostly, Thompson just met the people at the register and paid their bill for them.

But, one guy was given the chance to run around the store for 4 minutes (because WSMV is Channel 4) and load up his cart with groceries that the station would then pay for.

Of course, Thompson picks a guy that is wearing an oxygen tank....no REALLY she did! See the picture above for proof. 

So, the poor guy is told he has 4 minutes to dash around the store and buy whatever he wants.

Of course it would have actually been a real news story if the guy collapsed right in the aisle and died.

Clean up on isle 4.

Let's go to the video: