Blurring the Line in Sacramento

KTXL in Sacramento seems to taking the line of ethical journalism and doing their best to obliterate it.

The station's Morning Anchors Paul Robbins and Bethany Crouch have been making appearances on screen during the morning show's commercial breaks....and NOT in station promo material. 

Crouch appears in multiple spots for Sacramento Infiniti (local car dealer) that air on Fox 40's  morning show and throughout the day.

Robbins has appeared in "Good feet" commercials for at least a year now, but up until a couple months ago it was just his voice. Lately, he's been appearing on screen in commercials both during his show and throughout the day.

Also, he's appeared to have entered into an endorsement agreement with JR Putman heating and air.

It's unknown whether these commercials were brokered by the anchors themselves, or the sales team at KTXL.

Either way, it appears lines have been b̶l̶u̶r̶r̶e̶d̶ wiped out completely.