On Second Thought, it was a Truck Fart


You may recall back on July 15th, when WVVA (Beckley, WV) Reporter Annie Moore claimed she was shot at while covering the scene of a homicide. 

Moore said she was shooting video, someone drove by and fired a shot at her. 

It was big news in the tiny market.

Well the cops have finished their investigation and have determined that "the shot" was really just the truck's muffler backfiring.

“It’s not the first time a backfire has been mistaken for a gunshot; they sound similar in nature,” Detective Cpl. Morgan Bragg said.

“I’m glad this is resolved,” she said. “I’m sorry it got so much attention. I’m glad it’s over.”

Although we're betting the story is still on her resume tape.

Just saying.... 

H/T Register-Herald