NBC Kind of Admits to Screwing Up....kind of

After a lot of backlash, NBC has decided to return Foreign Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin to Gaza.

This comes 4 days after network management told him to leave the conflict zone amid breaking news coverage.

His exit from Gaza had caused an uproar among his fans and fellow correspondents, some of whom wondered if Mohyeldin, the network's only Arab-American correspondent in the region, was being censored by the network?

Ultimately, NBC caved to the public backlash and Mohyeldin was sent back to Gaza. 

Last week, Mohyeldin witnessed an Israeli strike on a Gaza City beach in which four children were killed.

Yet, when it came to NBC Nightly News, Mohyeldin's story was retraced by Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and Mohyeldin was told by his bosses to leave the area. 

One of the employees called it "completely unethical" to "take a story that somebody reported and give it to another reporter who's not even on the ground."

NBC started catching heat for giving Engel Mohyeldin's story and then pulling Mohyeldin from Gaza.

After an outcry on social Media, NBC basically said they were sorry, without saying they were sorry. "As with any news team in conflict zones, deployments are constantly reassessed," the network said. "We've carefully considered our deployment decisions and we will be sending Ayman back to Gaza over the weekend. We look forward to his contributions in the coming days." i.e. "we fucked up"

Now, that NBC has sent Mohyeldin back to Gaza, don't be surprised if you see one or two of his stories on Nightly News this week. 

Stay tuned.... 

H/T CNN Money