How the Mighty Have Fallen

Larry Mendte was once a big star TV Anchor in Philadelphia.

But, after hacking into his co-anchor's email account, Mendte was convicted of a felony and fired from his Philly job.

But, somehow he ended up in New York, doing commentaries for the troubled WPIX.

The station parted ways with Mendte and it appeared that the ex-con's TV days were done.

But, like a cockroach, Larry Mendte cannot be killed and he is returning to a job in TV.

Mendte has been hired as the Public Affairs Director of local Me-TV affiliate KJWP Channel 2, broadcasting out of Wilmington, Del.

It's a far cry from NY and Philly, but it proves that no matter how much you screw up in this business, you can still find a job. 

The Philly Daily News says that in addition to his role as public affairs director, Mendte will also host two shows. "The Delaware Way" revolves around issues going on in the first state. " . . . And Another Thing with Larry Mendte" features a broader topic of ongoing issues. The shows air back-to-back at 7 p.m. on Saturdays, re-airing Sunday mornings starting at 9.

The debut of " . . . And Another Thing" features Mendte's wife, Dawn Stensland, as a guest.

Wow! That must have been a tough get.