Honey! Come Watch the News.... It's Bright Red!!!!

WHAS in Louisville is trying to make the news easier to watch....."trying" might be the keyword here.

The station says that viewers told them that they were tired of flickering graphic animations that added nothing to the story they were watching.  Now our new, easy-to-read graphic design actually helps you watch the news.

Sounds like a great idea right?

Maybe not. 

WHAS explains their new graphic format and it seems a bit confusing, plus you need to learn what all the colors mean?

They write, that on the screen during the newscast, the first line of type tells you what’s happening right now.  If you have the sound turned down, or if you just walked into the room, the first line will tell you exactly what’s happening on the screen.

The second line of type tells you what’s coming up next.  If there’s a story you’re interested in, the second line will tell you when to expect it.  Those stories are also color coded to help you find exactly the kind of news you want, and see when it’s coming up:

  • Blue – General News
  • Bright Red – Breaking News
  • Yellow - Weather
  • Green – Money
  • Purple – Life
  • Orange – Technology
  • Dark Red – Sports

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a ticker of all the latest news from WHAS11.

How about just telling us the news with video and forget all the graphic crap? 

I know, it's a novel concept.

Thanks a lot news consultants.