Is that Really on Her Own Time?

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about WWAY (Wilmington)  Reporter Sara Hopkins and how she is able to double her salary by pimping products and services on her social media accounts.

This practice would seem to not only cross the ethical line, but blow the line away completely.

WWAY News Director Scott Pickey says he has no problems with Hopkins doing the ads and points out that she does the ads on her own time.

But does she?

Sources say that the Vine ad that Hopkins did for Coke, appears that part was shot in the WWAY break room at the station.

Also, the guy in the ad looks just like WWAY Weekend Anchor Chris Brown. 

Did Brown get paid by Coke as well? Was this really done on Hopkins own time? Should station property and staffers be used to pimp the products as well?

It appears the Hopkins and WWAY are headed down a very slippery slope.

Stay tuned....