Reporter Doubles Her Salary with Social Media Ads

Do you think it's right that a Tv News Reporter does ads for companies on her social media accounts?

Would you plug Coke on your Twitter account to earn a few extra bucks?

What if you could double your salary by doing it?

WWAY (Wilmington)  Reporter Sara Hopkins makes as much doing ads on social media as she does reporting the news for her station. She did a Vine for old Navy and they paid her $2000 bucks. Coke coughed up some cash for her to pimp the pop. Check out this Vine she did for Coke below:

But isn't this crossing over the ethics line?

Her News Director says he's cool with it. “[Sara] was active on social media before we hired her,” Pickey told Newslab. “She has a huge following that has nothing to do with her job.”

FTVLive gets emails from time to time asking us if we want to promote a product for extra cash on our social media accounts? We have yet to take any offers. But, now it seems that has TV talent grows social media followers, more and more might be given the chance to pimp a product and make some cash. 

Is this a good idea or is it showing once again how Journalism is slowing going down  the toilet?

Just asking....