Golf Channel Loses Hottie to Fox Sports

Most people watch the Golf Channel to see golf. Then there are those that watch for Holly Sonders.

Sonders exploded onto the golf channel with her skimpy golf outfits and her fun attitude. "she made golf news worth watching", said one golfer at a Florida club.

Sonders hosted 'Morning Drive' on the GC and appeared on a number of other shows as well. Without a doubt, she was the most popular talent on the channel.

"Was" being the keyword in that last line.

Word is that Sonders turned down Comcast's (Golf Channel's owner) latest contract offer and has left the network.

Sources say that she is headed to Fox Sports, but so far Fox Sports isn't saying anything.

Fox Sports took the US Open away from NBC and it is expected that Sonders will be part of Fox's new golf team covering the sport. 

Also, don't be surprised to see her pop up on the sideline in Fox's NFL coverage.

Stay tuned....