Zimmerman's Lawyer Says He Will Appeal Ruling

George Zimmerman's lawyer still sees dollar signs in his client's case against NBC.

James Beasley is vowing to appeal the ruling of a Florida judge who yesterday tossed the litigation from her courtroom.

The Washington Post writes that Judge Debra Nelson wrote that Zimmerman “shall take nothing by this suit” even though NBC News in multiple broadcasts had shortened a police call in a way that inaccurately depicted Zimmerman as volunteering racial information about Trayvon Martin on the night of their fatal encounter in February 2012.

“We obviously disagree with the judge,” says James Beasley, Zimmerman’s Philadelphia-based attorney. “We understand she has her position and we respect it, but we obviously disagree.” An appeal is coming.

Nelson is the same judge who presided over Zimmerman’s 2013 criminal trial, in which he was acquitted of second-degree murder.

Stay tuned....