ABC News Manager Returns After Suspension


It used to be yelling in the newsroom was as common as booze in the GM's desk.

But times have changed and now yelling can get you some time off without pay.

Case and point, Jeffrey Schneider, the senior vice president of communications at ABC News, was suspended after shouting at a staffer.

Politico writes that the incident, which Schneider confirmed, resulted in a two-week suspension that ended yesterday. Schneider, who is widely known as a high-intensity figure at ABC and throughout the industry, was seen raising his voice in frustration at a staff member earlier this month.

Reached by phone, a contrite Schneider said he had been "out of line."

"I definitely lost my temper," Schneider said. "I was out of line. I made amends to the person involved, and I think the punishment was fair."

Schneider's absence became a subject of discussion within ABC after a security guard accidentally posted Schneider's picture on the wall, network sources said. Security guards are regularly given photos of staffers who have been suspended to ensure they do not enter the building, but those photographs are meant to be kept in a binder, not posted for public viewing.

Schneider's two-week suspension is now over. He returned to work on Monday.