How My Life Changed Dramatically 20 Years Ago

20 years ago I was at 875 South Bundy in Brentwood, California.

If you're under the age of 40, it is likely that address means nothing to you. But, if you're over 40 and work in TV News then it is likely that I don't have to tell you why I was there.

20 years ago, pulling up to that address, I was shocked at the amount of blood on the walkway up to the house. Working for years in TV news and spending many of them as a news photographer, I have seen a lot of blood.

I have been to the scene of more car accidents, shootings and stabbings than I can count. But, even for someone that has seen so many gruesome crime scenes, this was still shocking.

The blood was thick and it had just flowed down the front walkway of this residence.

That thick blood came from two people, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It was the very start of a story that would change TV news. But, more importantly, it changed me.

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