Former News Director Becomes Game Show Host

When Granite Broadcasting was in the midst of driving WKBW (Buffalo) into the ground, the station had trouble finding (and keeping) a News Director.

It got so bad that, then WKBW GM Bill Ransom turned to the station's Program Director John DiSciullo and named him News Director at the station.

DiSciullo had almost no news experience and had none as a news manager.

WKBW's news department continued to decline under Disciullo and dropped into last place in the ratings for every newscast.

DiSciullo eventually left the station and is about to become a game show host.

He will host the show “Bragging Rights!” on WBBZ in Buffalo.

“I can exert my personality and be a talent I’d always wanted to be,” said DiSciullo to the Buffalo News.

As long as the guy stays away from the newsroom, everything should be fine.