Lara Logan Gets to come out of Time Out

After her botched Benghazi report,CBS put Lara Logan in a time out.

Logan was suspended...errrrr.... took a leave of absence back in November of last year. She was the golden girl of CBS News and many felt she should have been fired.

There were rumors that she would not return from her "leave of absence", but in the end CBS wanted Logan back.

A spokesperson for CBS has confirmed that Logan is back at work at TV's number 1 news magazine show.

CBS insiders tell FTVLive that Logan could be seen on the air over the summer introducing some of her old stories as 60 Minutes uses the summer months to often rerun popular stories that have already aired on the show.

It is likely that viewers won't see Logan doing any new stories on the air until the fall. The summer months are the time many 60 Minutes correspondents use to get stories in the can for the fall season. 

Insiders tell FTVLive that not everyone inside the network is happy to see Logan return and that her return was very low key.

But, we can bet there are many guys that live in their Mom's basement that are very happy to see the return of Lara.

Just saying....