Movie Companies ask FAA for Drone Permission

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering a proposal to allow production companies to use drones in film and TV production.

Seven aerial photo and video production companies, with the blessing of the MPAA, have asked the FAA for an exemption that would allow for the use of the unmanned aircraft, the agency said on Monday.

“If the exemption requests are granted, there could be tangible economic benefits as the agency begins to address the demand for commercial UAS operations,” the FAA said, referring to the unmanned aerial systems, also known as drones. “However, all the associated safety issues must be carefully considered to make sure any hazards are properly mitigated.”

While it's the movie industry and production houses that are asking for exemption, the ruling could also help clear the way for news departments to start using drones on a regular basis. 

The FAA said that other industries have also asked for exemptions, including precision agriculture, power line and pipeline inspection, and oil and gas flare stack inspection.

An FAA spokeswoman said that a decision is expected in a few months.

H/T Variety