Kissing the Reporter


WPIX Reporter Mario Diaz was wrapping up a live report on the arrest of another celebrity behaving badly.

Diaz was finishing up his live shot during the 5 p.m. news on the arrest of Shia LeBeouf when a woman in a large hat appeared behind him.

The woman began waving and walking back and forth as Diaz answered a question from anchor Tamsen Fadal.

Then the woman walked around the background for a few moments before trying to lean in to try and kiss Diaz.

Within seconds of the kiss, Twitter and Facebook exploded with people pointing out it was Erykah Badu (It's OK, I didn't know who that was either. Thanks Wikipeddia).

Badu responded to the social media burst denying it was her at first.

Hours later Badu confirmed that it was her, and apologized to Mario.