Last night Howie Kurtz tweeted out this message:

It seems that Fox News wanted to clear some time on the schedule to take some shots at Fox News critics Stewart and Colbert. 

We didn't catch last night's O'Reilly Factor because....well....we have never caught O'Reilly's show. We have to wait another 20 years or so, before we are old enough to watch the show. I think the average age of O'Reilly's viewers is deceased. 

But, we are betting that while Howie (and his girlfriend Lauren) and Bill were talking about the declining ratings of Comedy Central, we're guessing that they didn't say anything about  FNC's falling ratings? 

Kurtz was an idiot long before he ever went to Fox News, but the guy has drank so much of the Kool-Aid since he has been there, that he is nothing more than a total waste of space. 

Roger Ailes is a very smart man, but his hiring of Howard Kurtz was one of his worst moves he has made in his time at Fox News. 

Just saying....