Popular Buffalo Anchor Works in a Bank


It appears that one of Buffalo's more popular TV News Anchors, doesn't event work on news.

She works in a bank.

Since Scripps took over awful WKBW from Granite, the station has been doing research to see how viewers feel about the local Anchors in town?

It seems that one of the more popular anchors is no longer working in TV news. Jodi Johnston left WGRZ in 2012, but she still is a viewer favorite.

n their research, WKBW has included Johnston's name in the poll of anchors they are asking viewers about.

Could the station be looking to bring back Johsnton to the Buffalo airwaves?

"It is news to me," said Johnston of the survey to the Buffalo News. "I'm really happy at First Niagara. It is a great organization with great leadership and a great culture. I'm not interested in making a return to television."

And after working Banker's hours, who would be interested in going back?

Just saying....