Ben Sherwood's Internal Email to ABC News Staff

Here is the internal email Ben Sherwood sent to the staff at ABC News:


By now you’ve seen the exciting news that James shared about Diane, George and David.

I just want to relay my enthusiasm and support for these big leaps and offer congratulations to all.

Over time, Diane, George and David have each engaged me and James in imagining and charting their respective paths. We are delighted that these new positions reflect our discussions as well as their individual passions, ideals, talents and goals.

Best of all, these new roles will further magnify their ability to do what they love most while advancing the essential mission of ABC News: Empowering our audience to change the future.

I want to acknowledge and celebrate Diane in particular for leading our division to great heights, especially and most recently at World News. Over the years, we have held many far-reaching conversations about work and life, and I know this new role is exactly how she wants to focus her remarkable energy and talent.  And I’m excited to watch her elevate all of our programs and platforms with her new ideas, dynamic team, and her signature reporting, interviewing and storytelling.

I also want to salute George and David, consummate and complementary pros who will – as always – make ABC News shine on the biggest, most important stories around the clock and around the world. From moments of triumph to moments of crisis, George and David will guide the way with intelligence, enterprise, understanding and connection.

With these moves, and the incomparable Robin in her vital role as the heart and soul of our organization, I am confident that our best work and biggest scoops are straight ahead.

So here’s to each and every one of you – on air and behind the scenes – for together ensuring that tomorrow will always be even bolder and brighter than today.