Back to 3 White Guys

With Diane Sawyer stepping down as the Anchor of ABC's World News, it will be back to the future for network newscasts.

For years and years, network newscasts were anchored by white men. For awhile Barbara Walters moved in with the men, but it didn't last long before the all boys club was back.

Then the tide started to change.

Katie Couric took over at CBS News and Diane Sawyer soon followed at ABC. For a brief period the ladies out weighed the men and NBC's Brian Williams was the solo male on network news.

But, Couric was pushed out at CBS and the Tiffany network went back to the safe white guy and picked Scott Pelley as their new anchor.

Now, Diane Sawyer steps down and ABC News doesn't even do a search for a possible female or minority. They again go with the easy and safe pick of David Muir.

As the old saying goes "You've come a long way baby!"

But, when it comes to network newscasts, maybe you haven't.