Shaking up the Newscast in NY

WNYW is going to try a new approach to doing the news.

It's a whole new way to see the news.

The unveiling of the station’s reformatted 6 p.m. newscast. The program now will focus heavily on enterprise journalism and lifestyle stories, aiming to offer viewers a more positive spin on the news according to WNYW Anchor Ernie Anastos and the station’s news director, Byron Harmon.

So called "Good News" newscasts have tried and failed in many markets. Most often it is done in a last ditch effort by a struggling station. But WNYW is hoping they have found the right formula. 

“I’ve been doing the news for 35 years in New York, and I feel a very personal relationship to the viewers,” Anastos told The News. “So this is a chance to be more personal, more direct and more conversational,” he said. “It’s a chance to discuss things rather than just report them.”

The nightly report will have a new set and a slightly different lineup of talent.

Anastos will do a solo anchor on the broadcast, backed by meteorologist Nick Gregory and sports anchor Russ ­Salzberg. But Anastos says he’ll occasionally leave the studio to report.

H/T NY Daily News