2 People Murdered....Everyone Smile!

WTF? is going on with TV news people Today?

On Friday, FTVLive FIRST told you about WYFF (Greenville) Reporter Mandy Gaither was sent to a story of a fire at a local hospital. Gaither took a smiling selfie on the way to the fire and posted it on Twitter (she took the picture down after the FTVLive story). 

Gaither isn't the only one to show a lack of judgement when it comes to smiling and social media and tragic news.

WOFL (Orlando) Reporter Jackie Orozco posted a selfie to her Instagram account from the scene of a double homicide. Orozco and a station Photographer were all smiles as the police where investigating the 2 murders. 

Orozco posted the smiling selfie and wrote, "So why are we smiling in front of a crime scene? Because we work in TV News and it's my Friday!"

I can assure you Jackie, if I was your boss, you would no longer be working in TV news. 

Update: Jackie Orozco has now deleted her Instagram account.