Natalie Morales: Don't Tell Matt, Savannah is my Favorite Anchor

Today Show Anchor Natalie Morales did a Facebook Q and A Yesterday and she let it out who her favorite Anchor is?

While people were invited to ask Morales questions, her co-worker Savannah Guthrie got in on the act:

Q. Savannah Guthrie: Natalie, I love you and you're my favorite news anchor. But how can you like "We Built This City"?

A. Natalie Morales: I will defend it to my death. It brings back good memories of my teen years in Spain...and rocking out to the Starship! At least we share a love for "True" by Spandau Ballet in common. Oh and you are my favorite anchor...don't tell Matt! this forever out there??

So Savannah's favorite Anchor is Natalie and Natalie's is Savannah.

Matt Lauer come out as a two time loser.

Somewhere in the world, Ann Curry is smiling.