Rob Morrison: It was a Misunderstanding

Former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison said that he slipped and fell on his cellphone and it accidentally dialed his wife's number 121 times over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh wait.... that's not what happened.

Morrison did say that his most recent arrest was a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion.

121 phone calls? That's what is out of proportion. 

Morrison was busted violating a protective order that prohibits him from contacting his wife, Ashley.

"I was a really concerned father who desperately wanted to speak to his son," says Morrison to News 12 Connecticut. "I wasn't having any luck getting through."

I'm thinking that maybe after 21 calls you might get the hint that your wife doesn't want to talk to you and isn't going to answer. But, he decided another 100 calls were needed, you know, just to make sure. 

Police records show Ashley Morrison did not want to press charges.

Her attorney told News 12 Connecticut that they have no comment about anything her husband said today.

Let's just hope he has an unlimited calling plan.

Just saying....