Staff Meeting Called at Nervous Vegas Station

A staff meeting was called at KSNV in Las Vegas to discuss the future and the latest rumors about the station.

As FTVLive told you, KSNV owner Jim Rogers died over the weekend and just before his death, suits from Sinclair Broadcasting were seen inside the station.

Many employees fear that the station is going to be sold to Sinclair.

In the meeting yesterday, KSNV GM Lisa Howfield told the staff that Sinclair was in the building not to look at KSNV, but because Sinclair had purchased some other Rogers' station (i.e. Reno) and they were there because in was the headquarters for the company. 

She told the staff that Sinclair's visit had nothing to do with them buying KSNV.

Still, many think that Sinclair is still going to make an offer to purchase the station.

Rogers wife Beverly is quoted as saying that she would follow her husband's wishes, which were for the remaining stations to go to "the schools" after she died. 

Stay tuned....