Fired St. Louis Anchor Returning to the Air

Fired KMOV Anchor Larry Connors is returning to the air and in a surprise to no one, it will be on conservative radio. 

The official announcement will come later Today, but Connor's giant ego would not let him sit on the news any longer.

He leaked it out on Facebook. "On June 30, I am taking over the Monday - Friday, 9PM to Midnight slot on KTRS RADIO, The Big 550," Connors wrote.

He also did not rule out a return to TV news. "I'm still working on a tv option, and it is possible that while I'm on in the evening on KTRS, that I could also be on a local tv station. That means that I would be competing against myself. I think ... think ... I could win that battle."

We're fairly sure that Connors enormous ago could handle it. 

He says his show will be a mixture of right wing radio. "It will be kind of a mix of Paul Harvey / Andy Rooney with an edge and a blend of Hannity, O'Reilly and others ... including some commentators on the Left."

You may remember Connors was fired for a Facebook post in which he wrongly claimed that he was getting heat from the IRS after his "tough" interview with President Obama. 

BTW it should be pointed out, since Connors firing the station's ratings have gone up.