All Hands on Deck Meeting Called at Phoenix Station


FTVLive has been telling you that the sale of KTVK in Phoenix to Meredith would be closing any day now.

It appears that Today is the day.

Here is the internal email sent to the staff, telling them about the sale and calling for a all hands on deck meeting:

From: "Nicholson, Nick" <>
Date: June 19, 2014 at 10:02:06 AM MST
To: KTVK All Phoenix Belo <>
Subject: Please Read

All, we have now been advised it appears the sale will close today.  We should be receiving a formal announcement via email from Meredith and a copy of the press release as soon as the “close” occurs.  Will keep you advised.

On another note, I will hold two all station meetings tomorrow in the second floor training room, one meeting at 10:30am and the afternoon meeting at2pm.  In these meetings, I will explain how the final Sander payroll will be done.  Additionally, next week we will have representatives from Meredith corporate in to discuss Meredith benefits, and I will outline the proposed agenda.

Please make every effort to attend one of these meetings.

Nick Nicholson
President and General Manager