Advertisers Not Happy with CNN's Lack Of News Coverage

When CNN President Jeff Zucker decided to take the "news" out of the Cable News Network, he hoped it would attract more viewers.

So far, that really hasn't happened. But, it has help attract less advertisers.

Variety writes that CNN's  recently unveiled a new slogan, “go there.” But some ad-buying executives may not want to follow that command.

Skepticism from buyers – a natural element of this yearly haggle – comes after CNN has reworked its positioning . The network, part of Time Warner’’s Turner unit, is relying more heavily in primetime on documentary series and during the rest of the day seeking out stories that help it stand apart from competitors, as it did when it followed the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Doing so, however, has CNN veering slightly from the pitch it has long thrown to Madison Avenue: For years, CNN has portrayed itself as a high-quality source of straight news, one that ought to command a premium. And the network still inhabits that role. But with its ratings slipping over the long term, and a new emphasis being placed on what buyers view as “entertainment programming” for an hour of primetime, sponsors are pushing for a reworking of the relationship CNN has had with advertisers.

“I’m pretty confident they’ll have to make some adjustments in the market this year,” said one media-buying executive.

One rumor of an adjustment is either Time Warner sells CNN and or dumps Jeff Zucker.

Stay tuned....