NBC Sports Does Last US Open

ESPN had coverage of the US Open from Pinehurst on Thursday and Friday, before the coverage moved over to NBC.

Next year, Fox takes over the coverage of the USGA Championships from NBC and ESPN.

The good news? We won't have to suffer trying to watch US Open golf with Chris Berman from ESPN. Berman has basically ruined ESPN's coverage for years and now he will be gone.

The bad news, NBC and Johnny Miller are on the outside looking in.

Miller and co-host Dan Hicks signed off yesterday's US Open and you could tell that it really stung Miller, knowing it was his last one. 

Calling the tournament ''the highlight of my career,'' Hicks said he ''had the best seat in the house with the best analyst that has ever done this game.''

Miller appeared to choke back tears.

''I believe there's a time and a season for everything,'' Miller said. ''There have been a lot of great memories, lot of great champions, lot of great moments, and I've had my share.''

''Partner,'' Hicks said, shaking Miller's hand, ''thank you for a great ride.''

Fox takes over coverage next year and Miller for one doesn't think they will be up to the task. ''No way they can step in and do the job we were doing. It's impossible. There's just no way. I wish Fox the very best.''

Fox might not cover the Open as good as NBC, but you can bet your bottom dollar, they will be better than Chris Berman.

Anything would be better than that idiot. 

Just saying....