Done in Jacksonville

Two stories, two different stations.

Word is that WTEV/WAWS Anchor Tera Barz's desk has been cleaned out and Barz was not seen on the air last week.

Barz is one of the 5 anchors that the Cox station had told that their contracts were not being renewed. 

It was expected that the 5 would be leaving the anchor desk sometime in the Fall, but Barz seems to have opted out early.

The station nor parent company Cox is commenting on the matter.

Across the street at WTLV, it appears that News Director Kathy Williams is no longer at the station.

Williams has not been seen in the newsroom for months and when FTVLive called WTLV GM Eric Land months ago and asked if Williams was gone? He replied that "nothing could be further from the truth."

Well, it appears that the truth wasn't that far away after all.

Williams is no longer with the station. 

Jacksonville stations love to promote that fact on how good they are at reporting the news and asking the tough questions. But, WTLV and WTEV have shown that is only the case when you are not reporting on them.