CNN caught heat after it was revealed that their show ChicagoLand promised to make Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel look good on the CNN documentary.

Emanuel is a Democrat and many accused of CNN  to pandering to the left.

Well, when it comes to bad ethics, CNN will swing left or right.

This weekend CNN is airing mother documentary, this time about George Bush (the first one), called "41ON41".

The doc is filled with family members, friends and colleagues of Bush saying things like, "You can't be around George Bush and not come away a better person." 

t seems that the show will feature 41 people saying glowing things about the 41st President, hence the name 41ON41.

But, here's the problem that we see with the documentary that CNN does not. 

The doc was funded by the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation.

In other words, it's really no different than watching a 2 hour paid infomercial for the Tiger Shark Vacuum.

his is a paid for documentary to make George Bush look good.

As we said, at least CNN is willing to sellout to the right or left.