Longtime GM Stepping Down in Miami

Longtime WSVN GM Bob Leider says he is going to retire from the station in September.

Leider will consult the station on a part time basis after he steps down. Leider has been with WSVN for almost 40 years and was a big part of taking the station from an NBC affiliate to a very  successful independent/Fox station.

When NBC was dropping WSVN, Leider along with owner Ed Ansin decided that the station would fill much of their empty schedule with news.

"We were going to be an independent that skewed toward the news. People thought we were nuts." Leider said.

It was a formula that has been copied over and over since then. 

On a side note, I worked at WSVN in Miami back in the 90's and this is the first time I have ever seen what Bob Leider looks like. 

It's a much different place than most stations.

Just saying....