WTF?! Iowa Station Ignores Reporters Arrests

If the mayor of Des Moines Chief of Staff was arrested for drunk driving and the very next day the mayor was busted for driving drunk, do you think WHO in Des Moines would cover the story?

We're guessing there would be team coverage and a number of live shots involved.

Yet, when their award winning Reporter and Weekend Anchor are busted for DUI just one day a part, the station all but ignores the story. 

As FTVLive told you, WHO Reporter Sonya Heitshusen  was arrested early Saturday for driving drunk. Her colleague, Weekend Anchor Erik Wheater was arrested for drunk driving the day before.

TV stations love to brag about how their news department covers every detail of the story. Yet they clam up the second it involves one of their own.

How can you expect viewers to take you serious when you pull crap like this?

If you ask us, both Reporters should be fired for driving drunk and the News Director should be sacked for not covering the story.

Ok...we're getting down off our soapbox now.

Carry on....