Megyn Kelly Tops O'Reilly for the Week


Speaking of papa bear.... 

Bill O'Reilly is catching a lot of heat for his Bowe Bergdahl's father "looks like a Muslim" comment last week.

But, that takes back seat to the fact that FNC's Megyn Kelly beat him last week in the demos.

It is the the first time Kelly beat O'Reilly head to head. The last time she beat the Factor in the demo, O'Reilly was off for the week and had a guest host.

From June 2-June 6, Kelly File drew 413,000 adults 25-54. That’s a hair ahead of the 402,000 that O’Reilly pulled in among the demo,

If Kelly keeps beating Bill O, how long before he somehow links her to Al-Qaaeda?

Just saying....