Jacksonville Anchor Quits, Sick of the Hype

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you WTEV in Jacksonville is basically blowing out their entire main Anchor team.

The station is not renewing the contracts of up to 5 of their main anchors.

Weather Anchor Julie Watkins is not going to wait around for the Anchor purge, she's getting out now.

Watkins signed off from the Cox owned station this past weekend and she was brutally honest on her way out.

Watkins wrote on her blog: “I won't miss the local news environment. It's pretty intense. I don't want to be intense about weather anymore. At least not all the time. During life threatening situations, yes, but not every time there is a thunderstorm. I'm not saying it's a bad environment, it's just not for me. I no longer thrive in how news' markets function. I'm at odds with it, but I guess people are responding to its current formula because it appears to drive ratings which drives content and the cycle goes on.”

Taking a shot at WTEV's news philosophy and local news in general is another shot for a station that is taking some hits.

Sources tell FTVLive that a staffer has been assigned to kill negative comments about the anchor purge of the station's Facebook page. FTVLive has seen at least a dozen comments deleted from the station's FB page. 

One of the station's bigger advertisers has at least considered pulling their ads from the WTEV over the recent news. 

Watkins' very honest comments are not going to do anything to smooth the choppy waters at Action News Jacksonville.

Stay tuned....