Ummmm....It's Not Kenya Brian

NBC says that Brian Williams was in a rush to get the lead story on the air and that is what lead to his big mistake.

BriWi incorrectly reported that the kidnapping of the school girls occurred in Kenya, not Nigeria.

Williams mixed up Kenya and Nigeria twice on Tuesday night while reporting about the girls' abduction three weeks ago by an Islamist extremist group.

“Tonight it now feels as if the world is aware and responding to the kidnapping of 276 girls in Kenya,” Williams said.

NBC says that Williams made the error while in a rush and the mistake was corrected soon after for future broadcasts.

“Brian realized his error right away, corrected it two minutes later and for all subsequent feeds,” the spokesperson told TVNewser. “He wrote the item in question in the rush before airtime — it was an error borne of haste and he felt terrible about it.”

Once again it was another NBC error that appeared to be made while more worried about being first than right.

Ed Murrow just flipped over one more time.

Let's go to the video:

H/T HuffPo