Twin City Sports Anchor Takes High School Girl to her Prom

WCCO's Sports Anchor Mark Rosen went out a date with a girl still in high school and even took her to her prom.

Now, before you start thinking this guy is some sort of sicko, you should know the back story.

Kayla Meyer, met Rosen three years ago as a guest on Rosen’s Sports Sunday when he was covering the concussions that ended her hockey career.

He was there to discuss the aftermath of the concussions, and when she wanted to go to prom he was there as well, as her date.

“I’m excited. My first prom!” Rosen said.

You heard right.

Little Markie Rosen didn’t go to his own high school prom.

Despite not going to his own prom, he came prepared for this one with a stretch limo and a lovely corsage.

“Talked to mom, made sure we had the right combination. My daughter helped put the colors together,” Rosen said.

Three years ago, Meyer went on Rosen’s show to discuss the two concussions that still cause daily headaches, dizziness and sensitivity to light.

“They used to say you’ll be better in two weeks, then they said two months, then they said about six and they don’t say anymore,” Meyer said.

Although those symptoms often kept her out of school, Meyer became an active speaker for concussion awareness and helped push for the Youth Sports Concussion Bill, signed by the governor in 2011.

“I am a victim, but I’m also a survivor and I’ll keep being a survivor as long as it takes,” Meyer said.

Meyer was planning to go to prom on her own, just to experience it.

But her mother had a better idea.

She contacted Mark, who was thrilled, and gave Meyer a call.

“And then he said would you like me to take you to prom. And I kinda was ecstatic and said yes you can take me to prom,” Meyer said.

“I didn’t ever believe this would happen – ever. I didn’t set out four years ago and say I’m gonna meet Mark Rosen so he can take me to prom,” Meyer said. 

Here's hoping that Mark was the perfect gentleman and didn't do the same thing we did after the prom.

We're guessing he didn't.