Really? Man Finds Cash During KTVU's Live Shot

There is a person in San Francisco that goes by the name @HiddenCash on Twitter.

The guy is placing envelopes of cash around San Francisco and tweeting clues as to where the cash is.

The self-described real-estate tycoon, whose following on Twitter has exploded to close to 160,000 followers since Friday, was dropping dough in San Jose early Wednesday morning when a news crew from KTVU just so happened to catch a man finding an envelope stuffed with $130 bucks.

Some were crying foul. How the hell could this happen right as the station was going live? 

Word is that KTVU told @HiddenCash where they’d be, so he could stash the cash near them, KTVU news director Lee Rosenthal said Wednesday.

“We didn’t know where he was going to plant it,” Rosenthal said. “But it wasn’t dumb luck.”

Let's go to the video: