Did you Apply to Work at NBC? They want to Know what you Thought?

If you applied for a job at NBC, the Peacock would like to know what you thought of the experience in trying to land a job with them?

Of course if you landed the job, you might have enjoyed the experience a bit more than if they told you to go pound salt.

NBC is asking for job applicants to take a 10-20 minute survey to help them out.

If I'm out of work, the last thing I'm doing is taking 20 minutes out of my job search time just to help some NBC bean counter with their little project.

Here is the email being sent to those that applied with the network: 

From: NBCUniversal Talent Acquisition (NBCUniversal) 
Date: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Subject: NBCUniversal Candidate Experience Survey
To: *************

Dear ***********,
Within the last twelve months you applied to NBCUniversal for employment and we would like your feedback on your experience. We are working with a third party, non-profit organization, The Talent Board, to analyze and improve the experience that we deliver to our employment candidates. The Talent Board is administering the survey on our behalf.

We are inviting you to influence us. We want feedback from anyone who applied for a job with us – no matter how far you went in the process. Your participation in this brief 10-20 minute online survey will help us to provide a better candidate experience to future job seekers.

Please click here to start your survey, or click on the “Tell Us What You Think” icon below.

Thank you in advance for your participation!