Fox News Reporter Pissed About Being Bumped

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry is pissed at US Airways and to be honest, we don't blame him.

The airline bumped Henry from his first-class seat and gave it up to a government official who needed a first-class seat at the last minute during the same flight out of Washington, D.C.

Henry took to Twitter:

@USAirways so you bump folks out of first class seats to DC when you have govt officials who need last-min first class tickets? #really," Henry wrote. To which the airline simply replied, "@edhenrytv We appreciate your concern, Ed. Please ask the customer that was bumped to submit details here:"

Henry continued with his rant, saying, "@USAirways so if government officials want last-min first class paid for by taxpayers you bump your existing customers? #lastflightonusair." The airline once gain referred him to Customer relations, "@edhenrytv The customer that was bumped should contact Customer Relations. We're unable to discuss anyone's travel with a third party, Ed."

First of all, Henry was not the "third party", he was THE party that got bumped. 

He also makes a good point that the government official that bumped him is flying on a first class ticket paid by the taxpayer. Maybe the government officials should be flying in the back of the plane to begin with to save us taxpayers money. 

FTVLive will join Henry in his boycott of US Airways.