Taking a Bite out of the Weatherman

WUSA Weather Anchor Howard Bernstein celebrated dog bite prevention week, by getting bit by a dog.

Bernstein says that he was visiting family in Birmingham when the family's dog made a meal out of his face.

Bernstein writes that it happened so quickly. One moment, I was watching TV, sitting next to my 20-year-old nephew, when something fell on the floor. I reached down to get it. Their dog must have felt I was challenging it when my face got too close to his and the next thing I knew, the right side of my face and right ear had been bitten pretty substantially. There were less serious punctures in the right front lower cheek.

Over the next three hours, I would go to the ER and get treated for the wound. The good doctors at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center took great care of me and I expect to heal well.