Left on an Island

What little staff that is left at CNN's now small Atlanta Headquarters are desperate to try and come up with something that Jeff Zucker likes. But, according to Page Six, Zucker is like Mikey from the years ago Life cereal ad, he hates everything.

Page Six writes that teams in Atlanta are desperate to find new formats to impress the top brass. The source told us, “We are feverishly trying to come up with something that Jeff likes. Every time we present something, he hates it. Secondly, we can’t find talent who wants to come to CNN. No one wants to come because we scrap things after a year. Every talent agency we contact can’t get us anyone . . . Even talent from larger local markets refuse to come here, ­because they are afraid.” Meanwhile, the source added, “Don Lemon is gunning for a prime-time spot, but Zucker isn’t sold.”