Anderson Cooper Throws out a "W"

From your very first day in your start to a career in Journalism you are taught the 5 W's

If your story has the Who, What, Where, When and Why you can bet that it is complete. Your writing style made need to be polished, but you at least have presented the facts.

On CNN's Anderson Cooper's show you will only get 4 of the 5 W's from him.

Cooper sent out this tweet:

The CNN Anchor does not think you need to know the name of the person that is responsible for the shootings. Cooper feels that giving attention to the killer is exactly what he would want. Never mind the fact that Elliot Roger (sorry AC I used his name) is dead and likely can't see Cooper's grandstanding stunt to bring attention to himself.

Back in November of 2013, Anderson's show talked to Joseph Paul Franklin, the serial killer that also shot Larry Flint. So not only did Cooper use his name and picture, he freaking interviewed the guy. 

In February 2013, Cooper talked about the 'very strange feeling' of being sent a letter by alleged killer ex-cop Christopher Dorner. He even went on ABC's The View to discuss this. 

So it seems that Cooper's policy is only in effect when it might bring more attention to him and his CNN show. 

Some would feel that Coop's censoring is taking the "news" out of the Cable News Network.

But, as most of you know, that ship sailed away a longtime ago. 

Right Mr. Zucker?