Just Like FTVLive Said would Happen

Back on December 5th of last year, FTVLive wrote:

"When Jeff Zucker became the President of CNN, he said that he would work out of New York instead of Atlanta, where CNN was based.

Now word is that Zucker is telling talent it's time to come join him in New York.

To get around some of the unions, shows will still be produced out of Atlanta, but they will air from NYC."

Today CNN announced that later this summer, Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello move from Atlanta and  anchor 'CNN Newsroom' from NYC. 

“Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin will move to New York to anchor their weekday CNN Newsroom shows, beginning in August. There will be no other changes to those shows’ production team,” a CNN spokesperson told TVNewser. 

Just as FTVLive FIRST reported many of the shows will still be produced out of Atlanta.

One CNN staffer tells FTVLive "I've never seen such an unhappy bunch who are all feverishly looking to leave the company."