Huh? Reporter Outraged that More Reporters Aren't Covering Her Story

Usually, when a Reporter is covering a big story and no other press is there, the Reporter is happy to have the story to themselves.

But, KSDK (St. Louis) Reporter Leisa Zigman is not happy that the "big" media is ignoring a story that she has been covering.

Zigman writes on KSDK's website "Sex discrimination. If it doesn't happen in New York, it's not news."

She says "I am sitting in Division 10 of the historic Civil Courts Building in downtown St. Louis, waiting for, arguably, one of the most important verdicts in the country. No national reporter is present. I'm surprised, and angry."

Francine Katz a former executive is at Anheuser- Busch is suing the company because she felt like she was discriminated against and paid less because she was a female.  

  Leisa Zigman

Leisa Zigman

Although the verdict wasn't in, it appears that KSDK's Zigman had her mind made up as to how the verdict should go. "For the past three weeks, I have watched a case that ripped a scab from a wound that has been festering in our national psyche for 50 years: equal pay for equal work," she writes.

But what angers her more is that no other media seems to be interested in the case as she is.

In fact she says that she "pitched" the story to a number of other media outlets.

She writes, "Before the case began I told my friends at CNN and NBC they should cover it. I pitched Huffington Post and Huffpo women, Forbes women, Drudge, and Bloomberg. You name it, I pitched it. You would think Rachel Maddow would have been an easy sell. Her people didn't think so."

Since when does a Reporter start pitching news stories? Is she a Reporter or a PR person? 

Also, it sure does not appear that she was objectively looking at the story. Sounds like her mind is made up that it was sex discrimination plain and simple. 

Maybe we are getting old, but I rather have a Reporter that reports and doesn't pitch stories to other media outlets. 

She finishes her rant by saying "The national media should be ashamed."

Ummmmm....I'm not sure they are the only ones that should be Leisa.

Just saying....